CNN: Venezuela’s
Cash Could Run
Out Within Year


Venezuela Facing Financial Challenges


$ 10.15 BILLION

International Financial Reserves at lowest in 13 years

$ 5.99 BILLION

Amount of Bond Interest Owed Through Rest of 2017

1,972,000 BPD

Venezuela's OPEC CALCULATED Average Daily Oil Production in March

$ 44.60 BPD

Average 2017 Venezuela oil price (so far)

579,000 BPD

Sent to China daily without revenue to repay $65 billion loan

580,000 BPD

Oil Burned Domestically at a Penny a Gallon

2,235,000 BPD

Venezuela's REPORTED Average Daily Oil Production in March

1,970,000 BPD

Venezuela's Pledged Production Limit under 2017 OPEC Cuts

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