The reliable Russ Dallen de Caracas Capital, sent out a market note with a suggestion that things are moving. His analysis is succinct:

Events continue to transpire quickly in Venezuela. There is a big march planned for tomorrow and the Opposition has something to rejoice about as the Maduro Regime’s latest attempt to liquidate the nation’s gold patrimony has collapsed.

primero, we tracked the Russian cargo jet bugging out earlier this afternoon (before the Russians turned off their transponder to avoid being tracked).  They are now well passed Barbados and we think they are headed towards Cape Verde given their direction and previous routing.

En segundo lugar, while UAE investment bank Noor Capital announced that theypurchased approximately three tonnes of gold from Venezuela’s Central Bankon January 21 (explaining the earlier jets we tracked), Noor says that the current sale of another $800 million is not happening (por ahora):  “Until the situation in Venezuela stabilizes, Noor Capital will refrain from any further transactions.

Overall, good news for Venezuelans, democracy, bondholders and creditors:  Cucarachas scatter when you turn on the light.

More of his thoughts on the unfolding story can be heard at this siteaquí.