“With the military headed down there the ‘chavistas are really concerned’,” said Russell Dalen, a Venezuela analyst who owns Caracas Capital Markets. The top military and political circles around Maduro had to be thinking about their own future, he said, including recovering their frozen assets, and picking up the $15 million reward for turning Maduro in.

The chickens were finally coming home roost for Maduro’s corrupt and incompetent reign, said Dalen. “ They have the largest oil reserves in the world, but they are running out of it. It’s a confederacy of dunces,” he said. “We are getting closer to regime change. We don’t know what straw it is that is going to break this camel’s back, but we can keep adding more straws. That seems to be this administration’s policy,” said Dalen.

“They are idiots. They sank their own ship,” said Dalen.

Even as the lines gas lines were forming in Caracas, Dalen said shipping data showed Venezuela was sending large shipments of petroleum to Cuba, his main left wing ally.